Online Zoom Workshop: A Legendary Dancer, Helena Vlahos.

**Dancers and Students Around the World**

Save The Date! We are delighted to present a celebrity with all the humbleness that goes with being a true artist and master dance teacher. For dancers and students who have not had the opportunity to meet and learn from a genuine artist and teacher, now is your chance online while keeping you inspired by personal learning experience and artist development.

Workshop Topics:


**Zills – Finger Cymbals**
Drills, Combos, Acapella & Zill pattern progression. Realizing that the “complex” patterns you hear are made up of simple patterns you already know. We can create new patterns from patterns like the single strike, the 2 patterns, and the 3 patterns. When we put them together in certain combinations, we can create rhythmic sounds to accompany a complex piece of music with many rhythm changes. Or we can accompany ourselves in a zill solo or acapella. When we practice for many hours, we sound like part of the orchestra or great alone with our zills.


** The Sensual Chiftetelli**
Chiftetelli is often the first rhythm belly dancers learn to recognize, yet it holds its magnetic charm through our entire dance careers! The intricate rhythm starts to feel natural, freeing the dancer to become creative and explore new movements and different connections to the music. Helena having danced to the Chiftetelli countless times, will open the doors to the multitudes of possibilities for creative musical interpretation within this rich, and multi-layered rhythm, bringing new life and classic beauty to your belly dance.


*Where: ZOOM Platform

When: Sunday, April 11, 2021
2:00-4:30 PM (PACIFIC TIME)

**Registration to****

Sign up now for early bird rate: $30 USD **After March 31st $40USD***

**Please note that the workshop fee is non-refundable**

For more information contact me

About Helena:

“Helena Vlahos is a legendary belly dancer who is well known for her “Nine Quarter and Dollar Bill Act.” She is in the Guinness Book of World Records for Unique Abdominal Dexterity

She is on the Executive Panel of Judges for Tonya & Atlantis’ “Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition” April 25, 2021,

Helena is a skilled dancer and Zill (Sagat) player which you will see first-hand in her workshop. The benefits and impact of learning from this extraordinary workshop are huge!

We hope to see your there! Sandybell Fitness

Testimonio de Monique tras bajar 29 libras: Historia Inspirada y Motivadora.

El estado físico y la nutrición saludable tienen un gran impacto en su salud general y su vida útil. Comenzar una rutina de ejercicios puede ser una de las mejores cosas que puede hacer por su bienestar. Nuestro objetivo es motivarlo a seguir moviéndose para incluir rutinas de ejercicio, una variedad de planes de comidas saludables y capacitar a otros para que desarrollen todo su potencial en nuestra comunidad. Mi misión es animarte a cambiar a un estilo de vida saludable, desarrollar más confianza y sentirte bien a través de nuestra inspiración, conocimiento y nuestra garantía de predicar con el ejemplo. Mi objetivo es inspirar y ayudar a las personas a seguir moviéndose para incluir rutinas de ejercicio, una variedad de planes de comidas saludables y alentar a otros a desarrollar todo su potencial en nuestra comunidad. Los cambios de estilo de vida requieren un proceso de querer hacer el cambio usted mismo. Para construir un estilo de vida saludable, las personas necesitan intención, propósito y apoyo. Es importante comprender la importancia de una nutrición sana y equilibrada. Una de las mejores partes de estar con una comunidad de fitness es que proporciona una poderosa combinación de orientación, responsabilidad, conocimiento y entusiasmo. A medida que nos conectamos con los demás a través de esfuerzos positivos y saludables, como el ejercicio en grupo; construimos mentes, almas y comunidades físicas y más fuertes. Si ponemos las excusas en el medio, nunca lograremos nuestros objetivos y metas.
A Monique le ha apasionado su arduo esfuerzo y el trabajo que ha realizado para lograr estos objetivos. Ha perdido 29 libras con el asesoramiento profesional de la nutricionista Geminnesse Hernández y una entrenadora Sandybell fitness. Yo, Sandybell Fitness, estoy feliz por su excelente cambio y la primera fase de su objetivo logrado. Manténgase motivada para seguir los cambios con determinacion. Nunca es demasiado tarde. Su cambio de estilo de vida se ha basado # 1 en ella misma, buena nutrición, entrenamiento, consistencia, disciplina y positividad. La nutrición saludable es una parte vital para lograr cambios en el estilo de vida.  Los cambios en el estilo de vida  son favorables porque establece metas alcanzables y realistas mientras se mantiene el énfasis en la salud.

Ciertamente me encanta ver los resultados de mis participante. Me hace sentir feliz y motivada a seguir dando lo mejor de mi.

Sigue con el magnífico trabajo Monique.
Te felicito Monique, te ves divina y saludable.

Testimonial Monique’s Weight -Loss Success Inspired and Motivated Story

Fitness and Healthy Nutrition have a huge impact on your overall health and lifespan. Beginning a fitness routine may be one of the best things you can do for your well-being. Our goal is to motivate you to keep moving to include exercise routines, a variety of healthy meal plans, and empower others to live up to their full potential through our community. My mission is to encourage you to change to a healthy lifestyle, develop more confidence, and feel great through our inspiration, knowledge, and our guarantee to lead by example. My goal is to inspire and help people to keep moving to include exercise routines, a variety of healthy meal plans, and encourage others to live up to their full potential through our community. Lifestyle changes take a process of wanting to make the change yourself. To build a healthy lifestyle people need intention, purpose, and support. It is important to understand the importance of healthy and good balanced nutrition. One of the best parts about being with a fitness community is that it provides a powerful combination of guidance, accountability, insight, and enthusiasm. As we connect with others through healthy, positive endeavors such as group exercise; we build physical and stronger minds, souls, and communities. If we put the excuses in between, we will never achieve our objectives and goals.
Monique has been passionate about her hard effort and works that she has put in through these goals. she has lost 29 pounds with the professional advice of Nutritionist’s Geminnesse Hernández and a trainer named Sandybell fitness. I, Sandybell Fitness, am happy for your excellent change and the first phase of your goal achieved. Stay motivated that you can, and it is never too late. Your lifestyle change has been based # 1 on you,  good nutrition, training, consistency, discipline, and positivity.  Healthy nutrition is a vital part of achieving lifestyle changes.  Lifestyle changes with an achievement setting achievable and realistic goals while maintaining the emphasis on health. I congratulate you, Monique, you look divine and healthy.
I certainly love seeing my participant’s results. She makes me feel happy and motivated to continue giving my best.
Keep up the terrific work Monique

Motívate Con Sandybell Fitness

Cardio-Kickboxing + Core Abs Marathon with Steve Feinberg and Sandybell Fitness

Virtual Cardio kickboxing + Core -Abs Marathon

Join us for 30 min of Core-Abs + 60 min of Cardio-Kickboxing = 90 min of POWERFUL WORKOUT of QuaranTencising.  

About Steve Feinberg @speedballsteve

Steve Feinberg is a Fitness Leader, Group Exercise Instructor, Creator of HipBox, Boxing Coach, martial artist, and founder of his own, successful training program, Shadow Do. He is the founder of Speedball Fitness, a mentor, and brand consultant. He has been on Equinox NYC schedules for 15 years, featured in conventions and Fitpros in Asia and recreational gyms. One of his workouts is called Kung Fu Flow involving Martial Arts movements from this workout featured on Daily Burn. Around the world, Steve has transformed the lives and bodies of many people throughout his career.

Date: **Saturday, September 19** 

Time: **11:00am-12:30pm (CST)** 

**All ages welcome** 

Cost x person : **$10 per person** 

Contact us for more information and other payment methods.

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Únete a nosotros durante 30 min de Core -Abs+ 60 min de Cardio-Kickboxing = 90 mi de Powerful Training QuaranTencising. 

Acerca de Steve Feinberg

Steve Feinberg es líder de acondicionamiento físico, instructor de clase grupales, creador de HipBox, entrenador de boxeo,artes marciales y fundador de su propio y exitoso programa de entrenamiento, Shadow Do. Es el fundador de Speedball Fitness, mentor y consultor de marca. Ha trabajado en Equinox NYC durante màs 15 años, presentador en convenciones y Fitpros en Asia y gimnasios recreativos. Uno de sus entrenamientos ùnicos se llama Kung Fu Flow que involucra movimientos de artes marciales de este entrenamiento presentado en Daily Burn. 
En todo el mundo, Steve ha transformado las vidas y los cuerpos de muchas personas a lo largo de su carrera. 
Contáctenos para más información y métodos de pago.

**Sàb.19 de sept**
**11:00 a.m. 12:00 m.(CST) por Zoom**
**Costo $10 x persona*

Te esperamos

Motívate Con Sandybell Fitness!

Hello, I am Sandybell Fitness, welcome to Motívate con Sandybell Fitness.
Sandybell Fitness offers 3 workouts during the week via “ZOOM” FIT GROUP EX for all people interested in training with practical tools to level your healthy lifestyle with the elements of homemade exercises, nutrition, nutritious and healthy recipes. Basically, everything that has to do with the world of fitness and health during the quarantine. My goal is to provide you with these practical elements to maintain a better quality of life and increase your productive and healthy years.

1. Group and personal fitness classes are paid in advance and have a running class expiration time. Classes will cost (12 classes $35.00 and $5.00 single class. Paid in advance and will not be transferable or refundable.

2. Sandybell Fitness reserves the right to modify these regulations if necessary and I am at your service to clarify any doubt or concern you have.

3. “Sandybell Fitness” offers membership to anyone regardless of race, sex, religion, age, physical disability, or marital status.

Consult your doctor before beginning any type of exercise or physical activity to determine if it is suitable for your needs. If you experience pain, dizziness, fainting, or shortness of breath while exercising, then stop immediately. Be advised that Workouts with Motivate Sandybell Fitness is a guide only. Please use common sense. I, Sandybell Fitness, are not responsible for any accident, injury, or damage that may occur during training and/or thereafter, by applying the techniques and information and participation in virtual physical activity classes or any instruction and advice provided.
Contact us for more information and payment methods.
Sandybell Fitness

When I talk about cooking, I am talking about emotions!

Many experiences in our lives are memorable because they challenge us to change the way we think about culture. I love spending time in the kitchen, and I do not care if it is to prepare a simple recipe, try a new one, or just make up something with the ingredients I have on hand. I like to cook for others and enjoy the dishes I make. There are people who get stressed in the kitchen; however, for me, it is relaxing. A kitchen is a place of flavors, substances, sighs, and secrets, but also surprises, creativity, colors, and memories. Since I was a little girl, I was always interested in learning how to cook and bake. Most people do not know that one of my passions in life is cooking. I grew up making fresh homemade meals daily. In addition, I learned to prepare my meals in thirty minutes. 

The kitchen is where raw vegetables, powders, oil, and other substances come in as they grow in nature, and through the fire and mystery of a skilled cook are transformed into something different with different smells, tastes, textures, and shapes. Cooking is the talent and creativity of someone who knows how to mix ingredients in exact measurements and proportions and names it.  Food is part of the traditions, rituals, beliefs, collective memory, and daily lives of people. In turn, it is part of the individual in a unique and very personal way, being the conduit of feelings that refers to emotions, memories, and experiences. For cooking, you need to feel passion and love for what you do.

“Yo Soy Ella” Presents

In Honor of Breast Cancer & Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Join me, @sandybellfitness and the women of @yosoyellainc as we celebrate and acknowledge survivors of #BreastCancer 💕and #DomesticViolence 💜.This day we will host a self-love #Free in which I along with other incredible women will pamper, network, eat and dance as we take a moment to reflect on 2 important health causes within our community! All are welcome!!! Look forward to seeing you all there! October 27th, 11 am-3 pm Pilsen. 1815 S. Paulina Ave. Chicago, IL 60608
More information to come! Stay tuned!