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Welcome to my website!  I’m dedicated to sharing my passion for health, fitness, and wellness with you. I’m a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor with over 20 years of experience conducting training programs. I use exercise, healthy eating, and meditation to ensure that I maintain balance and positivity in my daily life. I can do this for my clients, coaching them on how to incorporate appropriate exercise into their lives to improve their overall mental and physical wellness. I have received awards for my work in the fitness field, but my greatest accomplishment is always helping a client exceed what they thought their limits were. My mission is to help clients improve their current level of health and fitness through exercise programs designed specifically for them. I encourage you to ask me questions and tell me your stories by commenting on my blog or writing to me at sandybell@sandybellfitness.com.

Here are some important reasons to choose me as your fitness coach or class instructor:

An accurate assessment of your fitness level. I have a great deal of experience and skill at fitness assessment. Advanced students won’t be bored, and beginners won’t be overwhelmed.

An emphasis on safety. Safety and injury prevention is the basis of all of my programs.

A professional atmosphere during classes and personal training sessions. The sessions are focused on you, the client, and your fitness program. Sessions and classes are times to forget the cares of the day and concentrate on becoming healthy and strong.

Serious consideration of your cares and concerns. I want all of my clients to learn as much as they can about fitness, health, and safety, and the best way to do this is to ask a professional like me. I want my clients to feel comfortable in my classes, and in order for this to happen, I need to answer all of their questions.

Respect for the differing needs of people of various ages and fitness levels. My years of experience owning a fitness studio and teaching at a variety of health clubs have taught me how to modify my routines for every individual.

Fresh exercises and routines. Doing the same thing week after week is boring! Each class session you will be challenged with new and exciting exercises. You’ll always have fun at a Sandybell fitness class!

Remember! People of all ages and all fitness levels are welcome to participate in every class that I teach in any facility. NO ONE will be left behind! Are you a beginner? I will never ask you to do more than you are capable of doing safely. Are you a more advanced fitness enthusiast? You will never go home unchallenged! No matter what your level of fitness or experience, you will never be bored! Each day I will challenge you with new and exciting exercises. You’ll always have a new experience, and you’ll always have fun in a Sandybell Fitness class!

For more details, write to Sandybell at sandybell@sandybellfitness.com!

Are you interested in hiring me to teach at your health club or dance studio? Click here to learn more about the kinds of classes I can teach!

Sandybell’s Credentials

National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF-CPT) Certified Personal Trainer 2015

Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Certified Group Exercise Instructor

Barre Above ™ Certification Training 2015

Tabata Training Workshop by Mountainside Fitness 2012

Pound Rockout Workout Training
Professional Training Program 2012

Dragon Door Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (HKC) 2011

Healthways Silver Sneakers Fitness Program I & II Certification 2006

YMCA Active Older Adults (AOA) Instructor Certification

YMCA Stability Ball Instructor Training

YMCA Pilates Instructor

American Heart Association CPR/AED Certification

The 9th Egyptian Oriental Dance Festival Workshops In Egypt, 2008

Sandybell’s Career Highlights

screenshot of sandybell's tv show ejercita tu manana with sandybell

I was the featured instructor for a weekly television health and fitness special: Ejercita Tu Manana with Sandybell. This weekly exercise segment appeared on the Panamanian daily morning show Tu Manana (Telemetro Canal 13) from August 2008 through June 2011. I presented many different forms of exercise and gave healthy-lifestyle advice aimed at a general audience.

I owned my own fitness studio in Panama, where I introduced “The Belly-Dance Workout” to that country.

In 2006 I was the winner of the Most Valuable Player award at the prestigious Don Shula’s Athletic Club in Miami Lakes, Florida.

In 2012 I was featured in Revista Siete Magazine.

In 2013 I won Rookie of the year at Franco’s Athletic Club.

I am the owner and manager of Sandybell Productions. Since 2008, I have been producing Middle Eastern Workshops workshops and shows featuring the biggest stars of Middle Eastern Dance from around the world. My featured instructors and performers include Ava Fleming, Jillina, Karim Nagi, Morocco of New York, Shakira Al Fanniah Issam Houshan, and Aladin El Kholy.

Sandybell’s Fitness Career

Here are all the places where I’ve taught classes and offered personal fitness instruction

2015 190 Athletic Club FFC Chicago, Illinois

2013 – 2015 Franco’s Athletic Club, Mandeville, Louisiana

2013 Paradise Valley Community College, Phoenix, Arizona

2012 – 2013 Persimmon Fitness Club at the Anthem Golf Country & Club, Anthem, Arizona

2011 – 2013 Mountainside Fitness, Phoenix, Arizona

2012 Anthem Community Center, Anthem, Arizona

2010 – 2011 Ciudad Deportiva Kiwanis Gym, Panama City

2005 – 2007 Don Shula’s Athletic Club, Miami Lakes, Florida

2004 – 2005 Miramar Spa at the Hotel Intercontinental, Panama City

2004 – 2005 Club Nogui at the Hotel Caesar Park, Panama City

2004 Palo Alto Family YMCA, Palo Alto, California

2000 Los Gatos Athletic Club, Los Gatos, California

1999 Westbay Athletic Club, Bradenton, Florida

1998 – 1999 Gold’s Gym, Bradenton, Florida

1998 Bally’s Total Fitness, Greenbelt, Maryland

1998 Fairland Athletic Complex, Laurel, Maryland

1997 Step Up Fitness Center, Miami Lakes, Florida

1989 -1996 Karla’s Gym, Panama City

1988 – 1996 Employee Fitness Branch, Panama City

Click here for more information about hiring me to teach at your fitness club or dance studio!

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