Past Events

In 2009, I began to organize and produce Arab Dance workshops and shows featuring internationally renown master teachers and presenters, stars of Arab Dance from around the world. My featured master’s instructors and performers include Jillina, Karim Nagi, Morocco of New York, Shakira Al Fanniah, Ava Fleming, Issam Houshan, and Aladin El Kholy. One of my passions is not only to entertain people through the dance art form but to educate them in the rich culture of Arab Dance.

*February 4,-5 2017 | Seven Hour of Workshops & Raqs Sharqi Gala Show with Aladin El Kholy in Panamá.

*August 22, 23,-24 2014 | Twelve Hour of Workshops by Issam Houshan & Intensive by Jillina, 5ta Gala de Danza Oriental en Panamá.

*June 6, 8, -9 2013 | Sixteen Hour of Master Class. Silk Road meets Turbo Tabla with Ava Fleming y Karim Nagi! “First DJ Turbo Tabla Show and Dance Party in Central America in Panamá.

*April 16, 2011, | Three hours of Master Class with by “Shakira al Fanninah” in Panamá.

*September 24, -25 2010 | Six Hour of Master Class, Belly Dance Turbo Trillion Gala by Karim Nagi in Panamá.

*January 30,-31 2010| Eight hours of Workshops, Internacional Gala Show Oriental with Morocco of New York in Panamá.

*April 5, 2009, | 5 hours of Workshop & Gala Show with Jillina in her 1st Time in Panamá, and 1st International event of Sandybell Fitness in Panamá.