Online Zoom Workshop: A Legendary Dancer, Helena Vlahos.

**Dancers and Students Around the World**

Save The Date! We are delighted to present a celebrity with all the humbleness that goes with being a true artist and master dance teacher. For dancers and students who have not had the opportunity to meet and learn from a genuine artist and teacher, now is your chance online while keeping you inspired by personal learning experience and artist development.

Workshop Topics:


**Zills – Finger Cymbals**
Drills, Combos, Acapella & Zill pattern progression. Realizing that the “complex” patterns you hear are made up of simple patterns you already know. We can create new patterns from patterns like the single strike, the 2 patterns, and the 3 patterns. When we put them together in certain combinations, we can create rhythmic sounds to accompany a complex piece of music with many rhythm changes. Or we can accompany ourselves in a zill solo or acapella. When we practice for many hours, we sound like part of the orchestra or great alone with our zills.


** The Sensual Chiftetelli**
Chiftetelli is often the first rhythm belly dancers learn to recognize, yet it holds its magnetic charm through our entire dance careers! The intricate rhythm starts to feel natural, freeing the dancer to become creative and explore new movements and different connections to the music. Helena having danced to the Chiftetelli countless times, will open the doors to the multitudes of possibilities for creative musical interpretation within this rich, and multi-layered rhythm, bringing new life and classic beauty to your belly dance.


*Where: ZOOM Platform

When: Sunday, April 11, 2021
2:00-4:30 PM (PACIFIC TIME)

**Registration to****

Sign up now for early bird rate: $30 USD **After March 31st $40USD***

**Please note that the workshop fee is non-refundable**

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About Helena:

“Helena Vlahos is a legendary belly dancer who is well known for her “Nine Quarter and Dollar Bill Act.” She is in the Guinness Book of World Records for Unique Abdominal Dexterity

She is on the Executive Panel of Judges for Tonya & Atlantis’ “Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition” April 25, 2021,

Helena is a skilled dancer and Zill (Sagat) player which you will see first-hand in her workshop. The benefits and impact of learning from this extraordinary workshop are huge!

We hope to see your there! Sandybell Fitness

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