by Carlota Lozano (July 2, 2013)

Sandybell for me, is really like a daughter. She started working with me more or less in 1986, at the gym that I owned (Karla’s Gym, Panama) as an aerobics instructor. As for her personality, she is responsible, super punctual in all things, very friendly, very jovial … she always radiates happiness to the public and has excellent people skills when treating her customers.

People taking a class with Sandy will not want to let go, and since she moves a lot in the US, students are sad when she leaves. She is a very dear and professional person and has overcome a lot. She strives to be the best in both Arabic dance and fitness and I admire her greatly.

I remember when I was her age I left Panama to attend a convention in the US. I left her in charge, but my students didn’t want to receive classes from anyone else. Sandy called crying, saying “Mama Karla, the students don’t want me to teach!”, It was tough but that incident made her much stronger. I practiced with her, teaching her all the exercises I learned at the conventions. I can almost say that the student has surpassed the master.

Sandybell is a responsible, punctual, person who never arrives late. She never misses a session, and was always ready to help members of the staff. I find her to be optimistic and continually seeking to keep abreast, through studies and certifications, of the most senior officials in the fitness industry.